About Us

The school of Agriculture „EPLEFPA“ named for „Public Regional School for Agriculture“ is run under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture (MAAF). It is located in the Bas-Rhin Departement in Alsace.

The school is divided into 5 main teaching centers:

-          The „LEGTA“ for the general education and professional training in agriculture, gardening and water management

-          The „CFAA“ a Training Centre for Apprentices

-          The “CFPPA” a Vocational Training Centre

-          The “LPA” a school of Agriculture of Erstein, specialized in the development of rural activities and services to Individuals

-          The farm, located at Obernai


The General Administration of the School is located at Obernai – 44 Boulevard de l’Europe – F -  67210 Obernai


The main training concerns the following topics:

  • Farm Management
  • Animal Breeding – Cattle Farming
  • Crop production
  • Agricultural Biology
  • Water Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Gardening
  • Horse Management
  • Rural activities – Services to Individuals

Completely renovated by the Alsace Region the School at Obernai trains 800 pupils, students or apprentices and adult trainees.  The School at Erstein has more than 160 pupils or students.Obernai and Erstein are both boarding schools, located in the heart of Alsace, near Strasbourg Eurométropole.

The road connections are respectively the N83 and the A35, Railway (TER Alsace) and the Strasbourg-Entzheim International Airport.